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Klavs Graae – Look into the quality

Exclusive leather design and solid craftsmanship

The finest raw materials and the thoroughly considered design along with the uncompromising workmanship – this has been the signature of Klavs Graae since 1967.

Ever since I started as a leather artisan, my mission has been to create products that can last for a lifetime. There are no short cuts in quality and no compromise in functionality. My designs are timeless and classic and the products I built in my workshop are made to last and develop over time together with its owner.

High quality leather is a fantastic material; it is fascinating and has become my passion in life. I have always used vegetable tanned and aniline dyed leather since this kind of leather, contrary to chrome tanned leather, have the ability to last and not least patinate beautifully. The hides I use are handpicked from Italian tanneries that are still the best in the tanning industry. I only use calf and buffalo leather, which has been raised in Scandinavia – reason is that the colder climate combined with the type of cattle breads – ensure that the leather is very durable yet supple.

 I also make products from genuine reptile (alligator, crocodile, Lizard, Elephant, ostrich etc.) The skins used are also tanned in Italy and comes with a CITES certificates. This certificate is a guarantee that the skins adhere to the conditions of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and Flora.

I put a lot of effort in to the design and manufacture of hardware components (belt buckles, hinges, etc.) in order to create “the perfect product”.  All components are by my designs and made from solid Sterling Silver 925. The silverwork, both casting and refining, is made in Germany with a company that I have worked with for more than 15 years now.